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Diabetic Retinal Examination


Diabetes can increase the risk of glaucoma and we offer a diabetic retinal examination to help detect vision loss . We recommend retinal eyes examination every year to prevent diabetes related eye disease that could lead to blindness.

Orthokeratology Practitioner


Ortokeratology or Ortho K, (also known as corneal re-shaping or overnight vision correction) is the use of a specially designed contact lenses that gently reshapes the eye while you are asleep to correct your vision. 

Wide Range of Frame Options


We offer various style and wide range of stylish frames and our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the right one. From local brands to designer labels, you will find the perfect frame to compliment your everyday look.

Dr. James Brown south perth optometrist
Future Vision Optometrist
Dr. James Brown


I graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1999 with a Bachelor of Optometry. My interests include rigid (hard) contact lenses and children’s vision training in particular reference to amblyopia. I have a corneal topographer which allows me to accurately fit complex cases especially in relation to keratoconus.


Other than general optometry, I also perform Keratoconic and irregular cornea contact lens fits, amblyopia vision training, low vision examinations, glaucoma screening (non-contact tonometer and visual field machine), dilated retinal examinations (BIO and slit lamp funduscopy lens) and colour vision testing.

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